Loumani Ada

I am a self-taught person, who had no formal education, but a family tradition to rely on. It is often said that a man’s childhood determines, more than anything else, his future, and mine looks very much than my work.
I pursue the design with new emotions. On one hand, I use in my creation my instincts and inventiveness, and on the other, research and experience, keeping always an opening to the word.
My technique requires a combination of artistic talent, technical ability and hard physical work. The first step is to blow a bubble and paint the design. The process continues by re-heating the piece, caving it several times with more layers of new glass, then blowing the right shape. Each stage is long and risky because each cycle of heating generates pressures and stress within the different layers of glass. The result is vases with painting suspended in thick glass which intensify the depth and resonance of colors.


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