Lonzi Philippe

Artist Painter and Sculptor, Philippe LONZI is a born creator! Self-taught, free and proud of being, this man will devote his entire existence to searching for what does not yet exist to try to achieve it. Philippe Lonzi became interested in art about twenty years ago, he likes to say that he sculpts in steel, like others in stone. Indeed, he thinks and carves his forms into new sheets, as blank as the writer’s page. he refuses to assemble the slightest piece made by another. His achievements are at once pure, balanced, but in a very contemporary style, which does not bother us in any way to escape into a world of dreams and fantasy.
Philippe Lonzi is, above all, an enthusiast, in his workshop and place of life, he is constantly looking to design new ways to surprise us. Besides, during these demonstrations, he uses bright patches, which he has created, to bring to light and shadow his works, which become almost alive.


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