La Falce Giovanna

Giovanna La Falce is an original, eclectic artist. In the course of her many years of activity, she has worked in painting, sculpture and photography, and made use of a wide range of techniques for the moulding and shaping of materials.

In painting, she mainly works in oils, while she uses lost wax cast bronze and clay in her sculptures, and pixels and oils in photography. Her clay productions using the Raku technique are some of the most recent examples of her artistic research.
The distinguishing features of all the artistic expressions of La Falce are her love of BEAUTY and the unique, unrepeatable nature of the works. She rejects uniformity, series production and anything that isn't quite simply UNIQUE. From oil paintings to sets of dishes, petticoats transformed into works of sculpture to carefully assembled and reprocessed photographic sequences, each work is unique and guaranteed to be one of a kind.

She has presented her works in a number of personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and in several of the most important European cities. She lives and works in Milan.


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