Kay One

Spreading his name is the starting point in a writer's life that usually ends up in the realization of Wildstyle. The research of a style is the key to obtaining respect and fame, the same reasons why the writing has been born. One of the very first Italian Graffiti Writers, KayOne, born in 1972, has begun painting in the street in 1988 at the age of 15. A pioneer in Milan when Graffiti appeared only on recycled American TV shows, and when it took five years for trends to cross the Ocean. Kay One spent most of his time working as an art director and artist, painting pictures on walls in Italy and abroad. Struck at that time by the great strength and visual impact that Graffiti Writing can express in the street, and that flavor that only the Hip Hop movement can evoke, that moment marked the course of his life up to the present day.


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