IOSONOMAT is an artistic partnership made by Fulvio, a color craftsman passionate about contemporary art, and his son Mattia, a tetraplegic boy who has always been on a wheelchair.
Fulvio invented a tool - a roller-brush holder support to be applied to the wheelchair - and started bringing Mattia to the laboratory, realising his dream of involving him in a creative activity. There’s a natural complicity between the two, it is a beautiful love story: the love for art, informal abstract expressiveness, and the love between father and son.

Fulvio pours the color on many different types of materials: wood, cardboard, leather, canvas and Mattia - known as Mat - is responsible to distribute it, lay it out thanks to his great skill in driving the wheelchair, giving life to the colour itself as a young Rothko or a inspired Hartungand: the result of this complicity is surprising.
The alchemy between father and son works in a spontaneous, unforced way, it is a pleasure to be together, to share, to create in harmony while looking for beauty.


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