Gulminetti Alberto

Alberto Gulminetti was born in Turin in 1988 and loved drawing and art right from the very beginning.
After attending Arts High School, he pursued his passions up to Rome, where he settled and still live, to study at a Cinema Academy, and later at the Academy of Fine Arts where, in 2017, he graduated with honors.
He has been exclusively working with video and digital art for several years but, recently, he felt the need to get back to painting. His artistic approach is based on chromatic combinations and the use of material on canvas. Everything often comes from a color or a combination of colors which - like fish darting quick as lightning and throwing themselves among the waves - draw attention and trigger the creative process.

His ultimate artistic goal is to bring some peace into the Earth's circulatory system, and into a stressed society, always chasing empty pleasures and easy consumption.
Just like an aquarium, the color layers sinuously fill the canvas space, in a continuous and smooth motion, trying to bring the viewer into a meditative state through shapes created to spread their very essence rather than communicate some sort of usefulness.


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