Galli Eugenio

Eugenio was born in 1951 in Seregno, where he still works today.
Since from adolescence he raised the passion for painting.
After completing his scientific high school studies in Monza, he works for about twenty years in the family goldsmith's workshop, specialising in gemology.
After abandoning figuration, at the beginning of the 90s he dwells on the question of light, arriving at a creative space underlined by a fine and subdued colorism.
Thus began his abstract cycles, called "materia e spirito" (matter and spirit), "percezioni universali" (universal perceptions), "l’elegia del bianco" (the elegy of white), up to the most recent production that leads to a particular philosophy in search of the spiritual universality that goes under the name of "La trascendenza di Eugenio Galli" (The transcendence of Eugenio Galli).
To this new pictorial-sculptural line belong "bianco su bianco" (white on white), "esplosioni" (explosions) and sculptures in various materials, especially in corten.
Eugenio Galli took part in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad between Rome, Florence, Milan, Berlin, Lugano, Lyon, Budapest, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and Cairo.
Many of his works are stored up in public and private collections, national and international.


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