Forti Daniela

Daniela Forti was born in Rome in 1960, where she graduated from the School of Art. Very young she studies and learns in the artisan shops of the capital the techniques of the art of glass.
"I love my work and I express myself with color, transparency and the light of glass, a material so dangerous and difficult to manipulate but which is also a wonderful material, magic. Throughout my life, expressing myself artistically has been a need not to be ignored, so I spent years learning everything that gravitated around glassmaking techniques: from leaded glass, Tiffany technique, welding techniques, paintings. Finally, I discovered the fusion In a short time, the melting of the glass in the oven was taking me and could no longer be denied.
After years of research, experimentation and with a constant and tenacious exercise, I am acquiring the glass language, understanding its limits by controlling its "indomitable character". Working with metal and glass, the re-firing process, the fusion of several pieces, the sanding have become a real passion. Glass is a rather "cruel and demanding" lover, but if you know it intimately you can manage to bend it to your desires even if it's a great competition every time. Options are limited only by the imagination of those who admire them".


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