De Benedetti Benedetta

Benedetta de Benedetti "A silent painter". A young Genoese artist studying at the Ligurian Capital City Ligurian Academy. The artist is mainly dedicated to portraits, a figurative art that is born from an intimate impulse, the impulse that brought Be Benedetti to approach the art of paint so that she could express herself through delicate lines and brushstrokes, sometimes mild other times scratching. A communicative necessity and expressive terms that feel urgent inside her soul and are expressed through charming canvases.
The reality is her field of the image, the language of painting is the instrument, the material-color is the medium a dimension from precise boundaries, without fiction, atemporal. At the centre, there is the painting with its rules, its defeats, its alchemy, honesty and poetry. There is anxiety in blessed figures but the same concern is in objects, in their relationship with space, in their fragility and their concrete definition. Benedetta's painting is a job of looking.


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