China Tibet

After a long experience in the field of European antiques, the passion of Marisa Patrone was born for ancient eastern art.
The red and black of the precious lacquers, an evocation of lost atmospheres, the fastest and sophisticated China of the ancient dynasties are told in the large collection of China Tibet, specializing in interior furnishings and precious objects from China, Tibet, and Mongolia.

A corner of the East is rediscovered in the Renaissance city of Genoa, from China by Marco Polo to the spiritual Tibet, from the vast steppes of Mongolia to Poetica Korea, to the coasts of Japan, a journey between furniture and furnishing accessories from the ancient charm. China Tibet offers a significantly chosen antique universe, continuously dynamic and capable of satisfying needs, the most diversified, by the simple amateur, up to the most severe and prepared collector.
From ceramic vases to stone statuettes, from carved jades to paintings on rolls, from decorated screens to silk curtains. Each object from China Tibet is rich in history and tradition.


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