Chicheportiche Nelly

Here is my art's venture: Previously commercial technician for a wooden house-builder, the change was radical but not immediate, only the love of wood remained.

Every day is for me real pleasure, it reveals my ability to create and sculpt with the ocean and everything related to it as my main inspiration. Sandbanks, shells, fishes, fins and many other sculptures are born. The shape, the material, the touch, the visual appearance, everything takes another dimension. The wood, whether it is pine, acacia, oak or ash, remains my favourite material. And it is the appearance of floated, polished wood by the sea and the sun that touches me particularly. So I sand, I brush the pine as well as the ash to accentuate the ribs and give this worn wood. From time to time, I escape to new materials like stone, Corian and the earth where I also feel new sensations.

I navigate keeping the course, both so close and so far! The beginning of the crossing is exciting and rewarding. Good luck to all!


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