Cecilioni Lorenzo

Lorenzo Cecilioni was born in Pesaro and he still lives and works there today.
It was only recently that he began to express his artistic streak, but it is definitely something that is in his blood because the internationally renowned ceramist Franco Bucci was his uncle. His individual creative urge has led him down a completely different path and driven him to work tirelessly on his art, which is inspired by his daily life.

As a self-taught artist and a big lover of Arte Povera, he uses a range of materials (such as wood, tar, chalk, metal, hides, concrete and salt) to create exceptionally elegant and clean-cut pieces and works.
By means of a kind of expressive journey that originates with an idea or project, Cecilioni uses “humble” materials, transforming them and conferring artistic value upon them, in part through a painstaking and balanced study of their forms.
Bold use of monochrome recurs both in the most rigorous patterns and in the soft and less-defined forms.

Cecilioni often expresses his creativity in 3D forms. Like an accomplished artisan, he burns, gathers, sifts and processes leather, wood and paper, as well as materials that are harder to shape, first and foremost among which is lead. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and he uses material mindfully and “speculatively”, contemplating the past and the present but always looking to the future. Substantial results of this spontaneous process are plain to see in his works, which are neat and straightforward in appearance but never bland. They often prove to be far more complex than they might seem at first sight. This is true in every respect, including when it comes to production aspects ranging from working with the materials to ensuring that the support is selected with the necessary care. He mixes raw or “humble” materials with a masterful modern approach.

Cecilioni has forged his own path by fabulously fusing materials with a blend of familiar and elusive shapes and images. He has been invited to take part in a wide range of exhibitions along the way and he has met with widespread acclaim.


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