Buttazzo Renzo

In the diverse field of research and experimentation on the limestone from Lecce, for over 25 years Renzo Buttazzo has successfully transformed this material with innovation and artisanal wisdom, making it unique in its kind. Through his philosophy, he has created an unmistakable style now recognized worldwide. In his works, we can perceive the uniqueness of the execution in relation to the peculiarities of the stone, which, exaggerated in its transformation, manages to convey a sense of lightness and softness made of recognizable solid and void elements in the author's style. Detached from productivity and industrialization constraints, he recognizes only manual skill as the true essence of the work.

His creations, produced in limited series, can be reproducible in specific dimensions suitable for various housing needs. A pioneer of a new way of interpreting stone, over the years he has given a new face to furniture accessories. His works range from sculptures to light fixtures, from furniture to sculptural walls, contributing to improving the possibilities of using this material.

Numerous recognitions and collaborations have taken place in Italy and abroad, contributing to defining him as one of the most innovative artists in the field of stonework. He collaborates with architects, gallery owners, and interior designers, creating works that furnish charming homes and resorts. The numerous collectors who own his works are a testament, as seen in numerous publications in national and foreign magazines and television formats.


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