Buetti Daniele

Daniele Buetti (born 1955 in Fribourg) is a Swiss visual artist working in various media, principally installation and intervention. His work includes photography, video, sound, drawing, sculpture, and digitally assisted work. Since 2004 he is professor at Kunstakademie Münster. He lives and works in Zurich and Münster.
Daniele Buetti became internationally known in the 2000s with a major group of works entitled Looking for Love. The first installations of this name were large pinwalls, consisting in clusters of manipulated images of glamorous models from fashion magazines taped to the wall. The result is reminiscent of a teenager’s room, covered in posters and cuttings of his or her favorite pop-stars and heroes. The mainly color images, all of different format, feature glamorous models; these are treated by the artist with pseudo tattoos and scarifications, raising issues of beauty and individuality, but also of pain, and loneliness.


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