Borghetti Maicol

Maicol Borghetti, a contemporary Italian visual artist, defines himself through various disciplines, including photography, 3D design, video, sculpture, and electronic music. Born in Pietrasanta, he resides and operates in Viareggio, where he has established his creative sanctuary, Studio B19, giving life to his works.

His journey into the world of art began during adolescence when the artist devoted his interest to photography and 3D computer graphics. Over the years, he embarked on a journey of exploration through various forms of artistic expression. Leveraging technology to its fullest, he cultivated a deep passion for it, constantly experimenting with unconventional approaches and new ways to manifest his creativity.

His experience in creating short films has enriched Borghetti with numerous skills, including composing soundtracks. His educational path has allowed him to explore extensively, following the desire to break free from conventions and be surprised by his creations in a new and untainted way.

The focal point of his work has always been the human being, which fascinates him both as an individual aesthetic figure and as a complex entity immersed in a journey to surpass the limits of time and space. Through his art, he investigates human existence and our role in the universe, seeking to establish connections between past, present, and future. The artist tends to focus on project realization rather than individual works. “Exploring the Ego of Times” is a perfect example of this specificity. This project includes sculptures, videos, synthetic photographs, and electronic music, finding space in archaeological museum environments, altering them without destabilizing them. This creates a creative short circuit in which the viewer, the artist, and the audience converge in participating in the same experience.

For Borghetti, creativity is an endless journey, where art becomes a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. It is a continuous path of discovery and connection with the beauty and mystery of human existence. With passion and constant dedication, Maicol Borghetti continues to explore new artistic avenues, aspiring to inspire the intimacy of people through his works and projects.


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