Bee Alan

Bee is the pseudonym of a well-known German industrialist and man of finance (Karlsfeld 1940 - Munich 2018) who for decades has accompanied his official activities, as well as art collecting, a secret and intense passion for painting. By his disposition, he authorised the diffusion of his works after his disappearance, while maintaining a strict reserve on his true identity.
Bee has always placed alongside his passion for painting also for bees and their world: lover of the nature of his Bavaria, influenced at a young age by Joseph Beuys' experiences with honey. He mediated them with the profound sense of materials and object advertisements as well as Carl Buchheister, a fundamental figure of his youth, with whom Bee later had several successful meetings in Karslruhe, and Bernard Schulze, frequented in Cologne, preached in painting, drawing completely surprising results.


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