Basilè Matteo

Matteo Basilé (1974) was born and currently lives in Rome. His career began in the early ’90s as one of the European’s earliest artists that merged art and technology. Basilé’s unique artistic research therefore succeeded in conciliating- apparently incompatible - opposing ideas such as beauty and grotesque, real and surreal, natural and artificial.
His anti-heroes are featured as meticulous portraits, realistic, though permeated with imaginary and every now and then, idealisation, recalling classical history though always embedding the spirit of the present time. Formally, Basilé obliterates the antagonism between reality and imaginary, triggering a complex system of emotional sliding doors.
Basilé’s poetics is an iconographic universe, the result of a combination between Technological Mannerism and Pictorial Surrealism (A.B. Oliva). The dream-like journey of the artist leads us through several different levels of comprehension, sensorial, intellectual and spiritual. An uncanny dimension that results in an abrupt awareness of those aspect of reality that usually hide within inner selves. Therefore, the thorough investigation of the self, of the other and the elsewhere eventually corresponds to his personal experience facing both the sense of existence and the contexts of those confused dynamics defining globalisation.


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