Bandiera Riccardo

Born in 1973, he lives and works in Italy, on the sea between Genoa and Nice.
After completing technical studies, he has been a freelance photographer for several years, professional registered with TAU Visual, alternating between commercial work and art exhibitions.
He has exhibited in Barcelona, Brussels, Rotterdam, Arles, Turin, Genoa, New York, Munich, Milan, in collective and personal.
He is author of the photographic book "Invisible Essences", published by Danilo Montanari, in which he photographed three special children from Ravenna, affected by neurological syndromes.
His is the cover photo of the October issue of "The Photographer" (2014) and the one for "ClickMagazine" (2019), while more of his shots can be found published on the third and fourth volume of "Stolen" (Australia), on "Fluffer" (#4 and #11, Italy), in Elegant Magazine (December 2015, France) and in the university magazine "Chaffey Review" (Calif, USA), on n°42 of "It's Different Magazine" (Italy), on "Pretty Vacant" (Italy) and in April 2019's "FotoCult."


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