Amedeo Annalia

Annalia Amedeo is a ceramic artist and designer. After graduating from the "Palazzo Spinelli" Institute for Art and Restoration in Florence, she collaborated for many years with public and private practices, participating in prestigious annual internships, and then embarked on a path of artistic research inspired by nature and guided by the investigation of the essence of the human condition. Her works are part of the collections of important art museums and, in collaboration with galleries in the sector, she participates in exhibitions and competitions dedicated to artistic ceramics.
A perceptive shift is perceived in her work not only for the immediate sensations evoked by the material but also in the recurring themes and in the narrative choice. In her works subject and composition are classic, sometimes ancestral until they touch the abstract dimension, but they appear contemporary in the syntactic structure with which the artist articulates the story. A sensory and sensitive approach to the events of nature, history and art that come together in a unitary representation.


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