Alzati Fabrizio

“My approach to photography started almost by chance after a long stay in Japan. This particular country, modern but also very traditionalist, immediately fascinated me, stimulating my curiosity and my desire to keep a testimony of it through the lens of my camera. I am fascinated by colors, clean geometries and open spaces where often a discreet human presence can give the image a great added value. I initially work on the aesthetics of the single image and then structure a gallery that is homogeneous and consistent with the theme I have decided to tell.
My constant curiosity combined with the search for beauty and the rediscovery of ancient craftsmanship skills led me to establish Cabana wallpaper, a company that produces high-end wallpapers. 
The collaboration of internationally renowned artists and the use of innovative materials has allowed us to create a collection of papers that goes beyond the fashions of the moment and pursues an idea of timeless elegance.”

Fabrizio Alzati (Italy 1972) lives and works in Milan. After his graphic design studies, he specialized in Japanese language and culture, working as a project manager for several Tokyo architectural firms. Fascinated by documentary photography and always attracted by colors and geometries, he is now working on several projects and on two books about Japan and the Monza park.


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