Alessi Sabina

Sabina Alessi was born in Bruges in 1968. Baccalaureat at the European school in Brussels. In 1992 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Her constant research will push her to investigate new materials, transforming the typology of the painting into a "new" concept of it. From candies to resins, from the thickening of the canvas to the use of lead and little rubber animal models, materials not always traditionally used in painting.
In 2009, during a personal exhibition in Rome, she presented a work made with glossy and satin glazes and from that moment color will become the protagonist of her works.

She exhibits in various galleries and public spaces in Italy and abroad, like in Empoli (Filarete gallery) where she presents a work dedicated to the seven deadly sins. Seven artworks made with different materials such as marble, ceramic, neon, mirror, enamelled iron resin, always with the idea that design and technique are inseparable. In 2019 she inaugurates a Corten steel sculpture "Onda 2030" for the Rectorate of the Tor Vergata University of Rome.


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