Aina Kari

The expression Aina Kari refers to an ancient Persian decoration technique, a unique term like a bridge that connects past and present, near and far, new and ancient, where "Made in Italy" was already recognized before becoming a "system". In 1600 we talk about Made in Venice and I feel the emotion thinking about the recognition of this unique artisanal workers (Venetian glassmakers) hundreds of years ago when they were invited to Iran by the Shahs of the time (Shah ʿAbbās).

This art form of Persian decoration may also have evolved from the creative reuse of shattered fragments of mirrors imported from Venice. Such mosaics of small tiles can be explained by the fragility of the glass broken in the transit of the caravans towards Persia; and once broken, their unaltered qualities of refracting light and diffusing sight, not to mention their great intrinsic value, must have dictated their reuse in the traditional Persian manner.

My career began with fashion and subsequently led to lifestyle and design. Past experiences influenced my approach towards the foundation of Aina Kari and its stylistic imprint.

I live in Treviso, a few km from Venice, my partner grew up in Venice. Always working in Milan which has become like a second home, after 15 years of experience and travel in Italy and abroad, I decided to give life to my artistic and entrepreneurial idea, a combination of craftsmanship and surprising combination of materials that must tell the territory, its history or simply everyday life with its repetitive ritual.


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