Tolardo Federico

I am an actor. I act. I create something out of nothing. This is my calling, my desire, the philosophy that attracts, fascinates, and intrigues me. Saying "out of nothing" is not kind. Nothingness does not exist. The concept is that I love to create or admire those who make something out of something else.

My father is a carpenter, and I have always been amazed at how a wooden beam, after multiple modifications, can be transformed into a kitchen, a door, a bathroom, or a table, despite its existence as a wooden beam.
I love geometric lines, arrow directions, and vanishing points. I started by combining these two passions and creating something from a portion of a tree trunk, like my father. "Ciuceri" is an invented word. It is almost derogatory and indicates something insignificant, without value, which leaves you indifferent.
I wanted to be able to "transform" this term and give it more honour. Ciuceri represents something that is gone, something that we remember with nostalgia, perhaps with a smile, and forces us to dream, relive, and evoke objects from the 80s and 90s (a period in which, if someone asked you how something was made, or what was the function of something, you could still answer). Or actors who marked a change during those years.

I always tell my acting students one thing. It's not essential to deliver the line being interpreted, but rather the pause between them. The character's thoughts, personality, breath, and entire world are hidden in the breaks. In silence, a universe is hidden. On that silence, that "unsaid," that one must genuinely start working. And the Ciuceri were born right there: within the meditated breath between one word muttered and another.


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