Saltarelli Valerio Savi

Valerio Saltarelli Savi was born in Piacenza in 1967, he lives and works in Centovera di San Giorgio Piacentino. He graduated in Architecture and Construction in 1990. Since 1995 he has carried out a rich exhibition activity and has built his artistic career especially in the field of sculpture with the use of the most diverse materials.
"Research and experimentation are the basis of my career in the field of sculpture. The introduction and use of different materials in my works is not purely aesthetic, but refers to conceptual combinations and links, and to the messages that I wish to communicate from time to time ".
His works often delve into the depths of time, collecting scraps from old warehouses and junk dealers and then assembling them in new contexts. His are three-dimensional reflections, as in the case of Lost News, thoughts on the contemporary world that acquire concreteness in sculpture.


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