Pretaroli Annalaura

Born in Italy in 1979, from an early age Annalaura was captivated by the images of the time: magnetic, powerful and seductive.
  Her family has been a constant source of inspiration: the mother, a creative strong woman, has been a catalyst in her appreciation of fashion, style and balance; the father, an effortlessly elegant man, infused her with a refined taste in everything that's worth to be enjoyed. Both instilled in her the philosophy of independence since when she was a child and encouraged her instinct to explore and to broaden her horizons, with family travels first and shortly after, on her own. That's when she started taking her first pictures. Despite the fact she travelled quite intensively ever since, she sensed it was never enough. To keep living her dreams, she would shoot her dolls, framing picture stories. As a teenager, she started turning her friends into living dolls, dressing them up with her mother's clothes and mimicking fashion editorials.

Years later, after a Law degree, Annalaura moved to London to deepen her photography skills. She studied Photography at Central Saint Martins, new creative contacts brought her to Mr. Tim Bret Day, a renowned fashion photographer whom she assisted, resulting in the most exciting training season of her photography life. That marked a turning point in her career. Shoots with model agencies followed by, and so did the first magazine publications.
In 2018, Annalaura won an award for International Garden Photographer of the Year, a world's competition held by Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew.

She loves to be surrounded by flowers. 


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