Pilato Stefano

Pilato Stefano lives and works in Tuscany in the field of visual arts. Since 1987 he has been working freelance in the advertising profession, creating projects for public and private commissions. Since 1993 he developed the Pesce Fresco artistic production. Collecting everything anywhere especially wood found on the beaches while on a stroll. He seeks with self-denial and irony full of graphic-pictorial experiences, to give life to work that often portrays marine creatures.
His assemblages are filled with objects that have already lived that are regaining lost dignity after their primary use, exalting in their hidden aesthetics by enhancing it in the assembling of a deep-sea fish or a white whale. Always with the same principle of recycling, he also creates installations, sculptures, lamps, mirrors, objects and more. For some years, as well as participating in the activities of various local art associations, he has collaborated with artists in the implementation of urban-scale installations that are assemblies of discarded objects.

His work is made of research, intuition where sometimes instinctiveness prevails and sometimes the rationality inherent to his designer experience. Everything, however, evolves into the pleasure of manual work, rich in extemporaneous solutions but also of the acquired method, constantly seeking new stimuli from the point view of an exhibition: art galleries, museums, bookstores, restaurants and sometimes unlikely locations, but always feeling the importance of all the environments contaminated by his works.

Professional experiences are basically moments of contact and exchange for me, with the people I care about more than anything else. From this point of view, I have been collaborating, in various forms, with the Department of Mental Health of the Local Healthcare Authority in Livorno, more specifically with the Blue Camel Social Cooperative for which I have conducted, among other things, a visual communication laboratory for psychiatric patients, promoting events, internships and training workshops on marginal art.


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