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Max Olmi was born in Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia) in 1963, in the middle of the Emilian plain. After his studies, he started his own business carrying on his passion for Design and Art. Max opened a furniture and design accessories trade agency. Self-taught, he has always painted, and this passion for art led him to collaborate with various galleries and undertake studies of architecture and contemporary art. Traveling a lot for work, he took advantage of his free moments to practice one of his favorite hobbies, golf, and it will be thanks to this, playing in excellent golf courses around the world, that he will find inspiration.

Max's first works are Pop Art, a genre he has always loved: details of Vintage comics reproduced on large canvases or parts of buildings in style by enlarging and painting them with mixed techniques. Meanwhile, he owns and refines the use of acrylic colors. He studies surrealism, comics in general, Street Art. In addition to studying the great masters of the past, amir in particular: Picasso, dal, Modigliani, De Chirico.

Sources of inspiration: Roy Linchtenstein, Andy Warhol, Keith haring, David Hockney, Romero Britto, James Rosenquist. He also dramatically admires Edward Hopper, Tamara de Lempicka. He also follows the great illustrators.
In addition to being an authentic passion, golf will, in part, also become work and immerse him in landscapes of the world where fantastic scenarios will be a source of inspiration for the most part. Often complementary bright colors increase the sensation of contrast, making them vibrate with each other and creating a solid atmosphere. The intensity of the light wants to arouse strong emotions in the observer. The course becomes a dream. The golf courses characterize his works. In the canvases, there is the intention to represent the emotions of those beautiful landscapes but also something different. with his POP and surrealist style at the same time.

We witness the transformation of these scenarios: the colors are intense, and the lines that define the landscapes are sharp and clean. A fairytale imbued with bright colors that are sweet and strong at the same time. Observing again, one perceives a retro feeling: where human presences recall the 50s / 60s comic forms, or ships or buildings with romantic atmospheres. The sensation is of being inside waves pervaded by a laughing nostalgia, immediately transmitting serenity.
The observer feels accompanied to follow a path, towards a flag or towards a distant ship that makes him imagine a goal, a road of travel in an evocative dreamlike, fairytale, nostalgic world.


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