Ogawa Kiichiro

Born in Osaka Japan 1970. At the early age of six, Kiichiro was strongly influenced by images of black leather biker jackets with skeletons drawn by punk rockers. At that time there were no rider jackets for kids, so he started designing and drawing on denim jackets using bleach, his usage of paint began a few years later. In retrospect, this was the catalyst for Kiichiro's transition into the world of art and design. While other kids were drawing on papers, Kiichiro was expanding his creative horizons by drawing all over clothes, bags, furniture, and over other people's drawings. After being closely connected with the architecture industry for over 20 years, He branched out on his own as an independent artist.

Currently, Kiichiro is drawing and painting on stage costumes, clothing, bags, furniture, canvas, buildings and is always in search for alternatives. Kiichiro's work is characterized by the use of only house paint.

His performance is aptly described as "paint on the air" in that his artistic execution draws upon moments whereby the atmosphere becomes electric, followed by the conception of a drawing, without physically touching the actual object.
Apart from working on several hotel art projects both domestic and abroad, there have been recent artistic connections & collaborations with the Marriott Group Hotel, a solo exhibition in Paris, a special guest presentation at the New York State Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) and has recently been appointed by a fashion brand in Paris to name a few.

Above all, the announcement of the one and only 'PEEK-A-BOO' bag in the world at " Design Miami 2018" in which Kiichiro was featured as a collaborative artist, one of only 5 people in the world with FENDI, became a hot topic of conversation. In this spring, He acquired a French VISA 'Passeport talent' and moved to France to expand his activity base to Europe. Rather than just simply produce with a set objective in mind, he is an artist that creates through the interaction of his surrounding phenomena. Live through art.
Anyone can be an artist. This is a fact of life. Kiichiro's mission in life is to spread the word to all that immersion into the world of art will bring meaning and pure enjoyment into their lives.


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