Motti Martino

"My journey begins with exploring the depths of the sea and from contact with the creatures that inhabit them. In the silence and solitude of that muffled world, I find the ancestral union between man's inadequacy and the perfection of nature. The most personal unconscious resurfaces and takes light, through the liquid element, to become an image, a symbol of inner peace. The result that I pursue, respecting the shapes and colors of actual living beings, re-elaborates that uniqueness in an attempt to block its essence in a positive and vital vision."

Martino Motti belongs to that new generation of operators endowed with the possibility to express with new means" that human inadequacy "alive and spontaneously declared, putting us in front of sometimes desirable results. The use of the computer as the chosen medium, applied to underwater photography, is precisely a way of viewing that generically evokes a sense of old life of the origins from water. A world seen and practically practiced playfully in a succession of mental juxtapositions, with a medium, precisely, born about sixty years ago: the computer. Operations accompany photographs of the submerged natural world in inverted combinations, with symmetrical structural overturnings, with a surprising effect. The images are authentic and captivating for their elegance, seriality, and chromatism, which the photography-computer medium allows.
The author's intelligent predisposition in this interesting operation is accompanied by a prospect of further opportunities and opportunities for an in-depth study and the use of the product in different fields. We are only at the beginning of a new generation in the field of visualization that faces a vast horizon to explore, in addition to the task of "preserving" that immediate, fresh, and, possibly, joyful participation communication.


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