Ferri Marco

Marco Ferri from the young age shows a predisposition and a sincere passion for colors and painting. At the age of 10, he entered the Etruscan Ludens, a ceramic workshop curated by Sebastian Matta, where he began to take his first steps in experimenting with matter. In the following years, of artistic and professional maturation, he found his own personal and unmistakable language.
Marco Ferri, starting from an early stage of youth in which his painting focuses mainly on the theme of the landscape, leads to an increasingly in-depth analysis of abstract pictorial articulations. In all his works there is a common denominator: the use of the sculptural form with the aim of overcoming the limits of two-dimensionality. His art is instinctive, dictated by the inspiration of the moment.

"For me, the past is a source because every kind of art is contemporary".


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