“It is an object that inspires peace of mind”
Crizu is craftsmanship and mind, patience and passion, abstraction and materia. It is a pure act of creativity.
 It is an object that inspires peace of mind and harmony.
 It is a  gesture, deeply humane, repeated over and over, like a prayer. 
It is a second life for books.
Crizu gives old books a second chance: all pages are folded by hand, one by one, with art and patience until an old volume is transformed into a new and marvellous paper sculpture.
 Old manuals and enciclopedia are reborn into sophisticated pieces of design. The shape changes, but the book remains intact: it can still be read and scrolled through or, more simply one can admire it’s metamorphosis in an object of art. Old, but new. Poetic in its simplicity.
 At the beginning you have the book. The volumes chosen by Crizu have many pages, good quality paper and the binding is stitched: beautiful in form but no longer up to date in contents.

Only when a book looses its use, it is ready to be transformed into sculpture.
 The folded is done by hand, one page at a time. All done slowly and without interruption, repeating each gesture thousands of times, watching the paper transform under the fingers: touch is more important than sight. It is an art that requires patience and dedication, a sort of meditation where the rhythm of the gestures synchronise with the rhythm of the soul until the metamorphosis is complete.


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