Bufalini Marble Ulian Paolo

Bufalini is an Italian company with more than three-hundred years’ experience in the marble and stone sector. The depositary of a long-standing history and testimony to a consolidated tradition, Bufalini has combined its name with that of Carrara marble, one of the world’s most important and precious artistic and construction materials.

Extracted from the Apuan Alps using technology progressively perfected over time, this marble is a stone with a precious look about it: its natural lustre, the delicate streaks rising up to the surface of the block as if from the seabed or else reflected from the sky, make it unique to its kind and capable of exuding an irresistible charm.
The union between a now iconic image and the sensation of immediate solidity, make marble the material of choice to give shape to beauty.

The company is now in its fourth generation, continually building on its deep-rooted and multifaceted know-how: knowledge and skills are reflected in the marble as an object, which becomes a starting point for surfaces, cladding, innovative design and furnishing elements, thus demonstrating the broad range of possible uses of this material.

Bufalini’s wealth of technical expertise unfolds alongside the imaginary, starting with extraction and continuing through to every other stage of the project: from the survey through to planning and design, which is tailored to the client’s needs, from working designs through to operations, including the careful study of mechanical anchoring systems, and lastly, installation of the materials.
The company’s all-round expertise ensures the success and optimisation of every stage of processing.
Today, Bufalini is a company focused on the international market: The Middle and Far East, Europe, and United States, are the scene of very diversified creations from the residential to the religious sector, from retail to shipbuilding, alongside the most recent project embracing new research on design.


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