Bergeron Julie

I was born in Quebec city in Canada and I’ve been living in Paris since 2002.
I was a graphic designer until I discovered the joy of modeling clay. I started training with the ceramist Danielle Lescot at her studio in 2008 and I later continued to develop my own style, as I am self-taught. The idea of creating shapes with my hands, led me to continue to develop my clay sculptures.

I create sculptures inspired by any organic shapes that mimic a wide range of flora and fauna. The organic shapes in the natural world, whether it is mineral, vegetal, animal, microscopic or aquatique life. I take pleasure in mixing types, in blurring tracks.

When I start my pieces, I don’t have a specific idea. Gradually the sculpture takes shape, and I let myself be guided by its curves and its irregularities. Inspired by the biological illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, I work exclusively with stoneware and I use a coil technique to shape the initial bodies before engraving or covering the forms in repeating patterns. I leave my pieces unglazed so that the minerality and organic textures of the clay remain intact.


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