Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris

Once again, it is confirmed that sport and style constitute an inseparable pair: many Stars recently demonstrated, immortalized on their yachts or at the Grand Slam finals, who have populated the pages of magazines and social networks with their outfits.

From September 20, embellished by the exclusive setting of one of the most fascinating Parisian museums, dresses that have made 'history' will be on stage. These include Lacoste's tennis suits, the iconic yellow jersey of the Tour de France, some fin de siecle swimsuits, and the ski suits by Courrèges, as well as the most recent contemporary contaminations between sports and luxury brands that have peeped out in recent fashion shows, showing that even sportswear must meet the finest standards of elegance.

Briol Lacoste Advertising, Peter Knapp Ulla Danielsen

Left: Briol - Lacoste Advertising Poster (1933) © Archives Lacoste / Right: Peter Knapp - Ulla Danielsen in an André Courrèges jacket (Winter 1971- 1972) for Elle, Saint- Moritz, 1970, © Peter Knapp

On display in Paris will be some of the clothes of those who, at the turn of the wars, helped transform the concept of fashion as it was known until then, adapting it to the needs of the cultural spirit of each era. To name just a few, Gabrielle Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Patou and Elsa Schiaparelli.
The exhibition tells how sportswear has deviated from its specific use to be integrated into the everyday wardrobe. The question of comfort, the exhibition's common thread, helps to understand why joggers and sneakers have become fashion must-haves, both for daily wear and haute couture, from Balenciaga to Off-White.BGCStudio.

Cyd Jouny Shoe Designer, Les Artes Decoratifs Christophe Delliere

Left: Cyd Jouny (1968-, shoe designer) Soho trainers. Suede, leather, cotton, alcantara, perforated leather, inlaid and overlaid with metallised leather, © Les Arts Décoratifs. Jean Tholance / Right: Ladies two piece bathing costume (gown and drawers) — c. 1900, France. Wool twill, wool muslin, © Les Arts Décoratifs. Christophe Dellière

Through the presentation of clothes, engravings, and posters, the visit will highlight the links maintained by fashion and sport with notions of comfort, elegance, and social representation.

The comparison between the present and the past will be very close. It will raise to everyone's taste how two seemingly distant universes participate in the same social issues around the body.

Open until April 7, 2024