Second part of the conversation. Do you always manage to express personality in your projects? Does the fact of removing the glitz - the unnecessary details also take place inside, like outside? Is your relationship with art ongoing, and how do you deal with it daily? How largely does art stay inside your projects? What is your secret wish, your life-long dream? Please find the answers by watching the second part of our conversation with Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

"Creating an art language is a different job from conceiving an interior. It is an exercise that tends to harmonise the whole project."

Since 2006 the studio has relied on the support of Margherita Casprini, an independent professional architect. With her experience at Spadolini studio, she collaborates for interior design with Francesco Paszkowski and his team. 

Francesco Paszkowski e Margherita Caspirini