Zaffino Massimiliano

Massimiliano Zaffino was born in 1976, he lives and works in Chiavari, Italy.
In his works, the two experiences bring their boundaries together while maintaining their linguistic autonomy, whether it be photographic montages or their pictorial reproduction. Familiar and improbable are the leitmotiv of all the work of this artist, who despite exploring the possibilities of photomontage is far from the dreamlike and provocative automatisms of the avant-garde, and in painting it he does not allow himself to be suffocated by the hyper-realistic obsession.
Zaffino's work does not kidnap making himself impenetrable but welcoming his gaze and placing it on new and intuitive trajectories, in which the image is not but continually becomes in the succession of new matches, impossible and perfect. In fact, validating the realism of an image is a mental process, as is the vision itself, which does not proceed by all-inclusive scans but progressively blurs the boundaries between one interesting detail and another.


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