Vescovi Dany

Dany Vescovi was born in 1969 in Milan where he lives and works. He started studying very young, then working with Alvaro Monnini and the Brera Academy, where he is now teaching. Numerous his solo and group show in Italy and abroad. Vescovi has demonstrated a very open mind towards different creative realities.
Beyond important collaborations with other artists (in 1990 he took part to the realization of a wall-painting on a project by Marcello Jori), he has experimented incursions in theatre (in 1994 he worked on the dresses for ‘Il Flauto Magico’ designed by Romeo Gigli), in fashion (in 1990 he worked for Levi’s Frontiere - jeans through fashion, art and design), in publicity (in 2003/2004 he has been selected for Free Spirit in Art, the campaign for Bacardi Breezer), in the literature (Aldo Busi chose a painting of him for the cover of his latest book) and in music (in 2004 Audiorama involved him in the production of their video clip and cd cover).


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