Ule Ewelt

Ule Ewelt was born in Germany, she lives and creates in the countryside of Grünberg, Hesse. She studied geography and city planning, then turned her attention to ceramics in 2003. Since 2011 her art is purely figurative and focuses on the representation of animals. Our near neighbours since the beginning of human existence, animals elicit images, memories, feelings and associations in intense and often highly symbolic ways. They figure in all mythologies. Early humans were latecomers in a world shaped and dominated by animals constituting not only a source of food but also a dangerous threat.
Delving into the archaic animal representations in the fabulous caves of Lascaux and Chauvet in the south of France, she made the relationship between humans and animals at the time of the origins of humankind the central focus of her work. She came deeply to admire the way our prehistoric ancestors captured in just a few lines the inner nature of the animals they drew. It is centrally important to her to capture the internal motion of the animals she draws in a dynamic snapshot. In her work strives to build a mental connection with archaic forms of representation.


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