Shinya Sakurai

Shinya Sakurai (Hiroshima, Japan, 1981) is a young Japanese artist who lives and works between Tokyo and Turin. Shinya Sakurai was born in Hiroshima, a city between the mountains and the sea sadly known for the nuclear disaster that ended the second world war. "When I talk about Hiroshima, people often imagine a grey, devastated city, few know that it has been reborn," says the artist. After graduating in fine arts in Osaka, Sakurai moved to Turin to complete his studies at the Albertina Academy. A personal and artistic path that leads him to create a form of a neo-pop sign that can merge the Japanese tradition with European suggestions. Student of the masters of Gutai, a vanguard movement.
In many of his works, Japanese and western culture converge. A strong Pop influence can be deduced from the use of the shape of the heart which testifies to the persistence of the link with his land and indicates the artist's aspiration to a world that cancels conflicts and preaches love and peace.
Through these symbols, the artist invites the viewer to reflect on the role of images which, behind an apparent simplicity, hide deep meanings.


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