Rospigliosi Virgilio

About the artist, Rospigliosi Virgilio

Rospigliosi Virgilio (La Spezia - Italy 1967) is an Italian conceptual visual artist, painter, performer and philosopher. Over time he has also tried his hand at body art, choreography and musical composition. Self-taught, from a young age he frequented Italian museums, in particular the Uffizi Gallery in Florence where he studied and assimilated the painting technique from the works of the masters of the past.
In 2002 he began working on that philosophical dimension which he later defined with neologism as "Atomideogenesis", an innovative concept that would inevitably mark the future of artistic expressions. On more than one occasion, he is selected by Philippe Daverio, with whom he collaborates on various artistic projects. In 2013 Umberto Eco dedicated an interview to him. Virgilio lives and works in Italy, in the province of La Spezia.

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