Mariconti Andrea

Painter and sculptor. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan), address Visual Arts, and then in Scenography and Performing Disciplines.
In 2011 he won the UNESCO Prize for Contemporary Art, chair of Art and Bioethics. Since 2018 he holds the chair of Painting and Visual Arts at the Santa Giulia Academy of Brescia (IT). In the sculptural field, he collaborates with the historic Allanconi Foundry, for the realization of lost wax bronze works with careful research on the technical and transformation processes. In 2018 he founded
His research is based in advance on an inclusive approach to the whole history of art and the exploration of perceptual interference. He works with natural materials of mineral origin (graphite - copper - bronze) vegetable (phytolacca - coal - ash - ganpi paper - oil), from which he obtains intense and veiled colors and hues. Over the years, Mariconti has studied and studied in-depth, as well as pictorial research that places him firmly in the panorama of contemporary art, expressive research in the sculptural field that is based on the exploration of the expressive potential of lost wax bronze, an ancient technique that carries out a primary role in the evolution of human civilisation.


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