Marchi Danilo

Danilo Marchi, an artist affiliated with the artistic group "Italian Plastic," was born in Biella, where he both lives and works.

His exploration begins with an analysis of nature and human and technological evolution, initially through sculptures in terracotta and metal. From 1999 onwards, Marchi began studying the use of PET, which remains a key material in his work. The flagship piece of his practice is the installation called 'The Artificial Man.' A humanoid figure, 2 meters tall, partially emerged and lying in a large water basin, constructed from interconnected vessels with water droplets falling over it.

The concept of 'Genesis beyond Eden' drives him to further investigate the world of animals that inhabit it, across land, sea, and sky, always seeking a connection between nature, artifice, and life. In 2000, he settled within the Felice Piacenza Regional Botanical Park, Burcina di Pollone (BI), where he lived for over 15 years. This residency served as a wellspring of inspiration, intertwining artifice and nature, leading to numerous scenic installations featuring humans, animals, and insects, titled 'Eden.'

Sensitive to the spiritual and symbolic value of water, since 1999 Danilo Marchi has manually assembled recycled bottles for art. Using this medium, he creates installations that draw attention to various themes: the environment, ecology, extinction of animal species, and the evolution of human and animal species.

His creations of animals such as greyhounds, hammerhead sharks, armadillos, winged grasshoppers, mosquitoes, bats, praying mantises, and bionic bees have often contributed to scientific, technological, and robotic research.


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