Guerra Serena

Serena Guerra was born in Domodossola VB on February 19, 1993, she lives in the picturesque village of Craveggia in the Vigezzo Valley, called "Valley of painters" Piedmont.
Serena's art is not limited to drawing, an innate gift, but goes far beyond and dedicates herself entirely to the constant search for the most appropriate and intimate way of expressing herself. Experienced as a mission, it is the need on his part to restore dignity and value to materials from the past, in particular wood, which, by retracing progress, tends to erase its own origins. Serena creates works using ancient wood, which was an integral part of mountain life in the past, in the Italian Alps.
In Serena's works, which can be contemplated during her exhibitions or by going to her Atelier, the sensitive eye will be able to see much more than what is simply in front of it and the receptive soul will grasp what the artist says without speaking.


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