Gorra Sandro

Gorra Sandro was born in Milan in December 1944, at the end of the war. Since he was a teenager he has developed a deep passion for music and drawing, both arts accompanying him in his advertising de- but, where the figurative part holds the first place.
He began his creative career as an Art Director at Milan-located J.w.T., and from there undertook several collaborations with the main international agencies, burning the stages thanks to his talent as an illustrator. He was one of the youngest Italian creative directors. He started establishing agencies in 1980, a career that would make him create first we and next merge it with Havas, a leading agency in France.
This period was characterised by the creation of the great campaigns of the fiat group with his illustrations and, in the same years, he launched the Macallan brand, which became a leader in malt whisky, a product for which, after careful studies of english and American cartoonists, he invented the expressionist trait made famous by years of publications on all the newspapers, with weekly news of costume and politics.

In 1998 he founded GGA, and a few years later, together with the french group of Publicis, he opened Republic, which he managed creatively for more than ten years. in the same period, he created the great award-winning international campaigns of Telecom, which won many prizes in France, the Netherlands and especially in Germany, where the big buildings of the German cities were wrapped with advertising tapes. Telecom operation opened him the gates of the German Serviceplan, one of the largest and most creative agencies in Europe.
Sandro Gorra dealt with the design and realization of the current Milan headquarters in Via Solferino, an agency with which he still has relationships.


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