Corradi Dell'Acqua Beatrice

Corradi Dell’Acqua Beatrice is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan.
She developed a strong interest in art at an early age and after earning a degree in biology she started her artistic career in the fields of graphics and illustration. Today, she focuses on acrylic painting giving life to imaginary and poetic worlds where surprising creatures, such as the fairies of Andersen’s tales, or exotic animals, inspired by Ligabue’s and Rousseau’s works, suddenly emerge among colorful flowers and flourishing jungle leaves. Imaginary figures and real animals, suspended in time and space, interact and merge with the landscape.
Analysis and attention to detail are integrated in compositions organized on different perspective levels creating a harmonious relationship between the single elements. The special atmosphere of the paintings is achieved through the artist’s original and unique personal technique, the vibrant colors recalling the fine veins and marble effect of the precious Florentine inlays of the fifteenth century. The contrast between the reinterpretation of ‘hard material’ and the suggestion of the archaic determine the modernity and originality of the artist’s works. Beatrice Corradi Dell’Acqua’s works have been shown in several solo and collective exhibitions.


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