Corli Federico

Federico Corli was born in the province of Ferrara in 2002. He studied at Dosso Dossi Art School in Ferrara, subsequently developing a personal artistic vision in which the element that characterizes him is playfulness and the relationship with it.
At the same time as painting, Federico is inspired by music (particularly blues, funk and rock) in order to achieve bright colors in contrast to dull tone variations.
The subjects of his paintings represent memories and feelings related to childhood, through rough surfaces and signs of a time that never existed, giving his works personality.

He uses a mixed technique in the paintings, applying a collage base on canvas that is then enriched with layers of acrylic chalk, creating a "wall" effect.
Finally he completes the work with acrylic paints.

Federico's art investigates the essence of shapes and colors through the perspective of the child in each of us; The works he creates are the pictorial extension of his memories and the emotions that accompany them.


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