Chiesi Andrea

About the artist, Chiesi Andrea

Born in Modena on the 6th 1966. He lives and works in San Pancrazio (Modena).
Self-taught, Andrea Chiesi trained in the counter-culture of early 80’s punk and independent music. he began drawing for independent fanzines and making exhibitions in social centers. he works from this period were created using black and violet inks on paper. The characters, figures and spaces represented were connected to the particular cultural environment he used to attend. Later he has started a research about contemporary landscapes, time and memory using a strict and careful oil painting that sometimes enhances industrial subject or urban spaces, but other creates strong black and white contrasts thanks to a fast transition from darkness to a half-light situation.
The use of ink in drawings and oil painting technique are carried on simultaneously and it helps to pay attention to the differences between the two worlds: a shifting and fluent universe the first, a metaphysical and timeless on the latter.

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