Centimeri Riccardo

Born and raised in Milan, Riccardo feels the Meneghine influences and understands the strengths and defects. Riccardo absorbs the habits he punctually turns into art in the city where everyone runs and has commitments. The surface of the paintings, an aluminium foil, is smooth and mirrored and does not grant interactions. The colors are thrown on the support frantically to repeat a gesture of the roller, which slowly fills the foil and tries to transform it. The motion, going back and forth, closed in a loop, is repeated to Mantra: here you go fast, there is no time, here you go fast, there is no space.

Between painting and sculpture, Riccardo Centimeri has been practising art since 11. After graduating from the Carrara Academy, he experienced multiple approaches to art, including sculpture, painting and performances, all based on human interconnection. He exhibits in Milan, Carrara, Brno and Venice and lives and works in Milan.


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