Beranek Vlastimil

Vlastimil Beránek is an educated and trained sculptor. He was trained by the master, legend of Bohemian crystal sculpture professor Stanislav Libenský. He is an exponent of the third generation of the glass-making Beránek family who made history of the Czech glass in the 1940s as they established a glassworks at Škrdlovice.
Vlastimil Beránek is known as a creator of sizeable glass sculptures made of glass molten in mould. He also creates sculptures made from luxury hardwood or bronze. The sculptures are characterized by elementary simplicity free of tiny details which look perfectly from all the angles. In their extreme forms, at times, reach the very limits of the techno- logy applied. Shapes of his sculptures are minimalistic, so far, that this utmost shape will not allow you to get any further in simplifying it.
In his sculptures, he tries to freeze movement or express emotion. This is a hard task in which proportions, color and final shapes of the sculpture help him. It is very important to have perfect proportions of the initial shape. Then you can make some intervention in it. You can twist it, distort it, cut out etc. And that is principle of Beránek’s work - to show movement in static sculptures. Most of Beránek‘s inspirations come from the sea. There are not many things
on the planet than deep ocean so covered with secret. And this is interesting for him. Moreover, the ocean is in constant movement, so it is a perfect environment just
for Beránek’s inspiration to his sculptures.

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